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  • Meet and Greet with Ryozanpaku Graduate School members

Meet and Greet with Ryozanpaku Graduate School members

  • Monday, December 30, 2013
  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • NVC Memorial Hall, 1212 S. King St. Seattle, WA


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Meet and Greet

We have a meeting request from Professor Aoyama from Tokyo when he and his group is here on December 30th.  He is a well-known TV commentator (city development/planning) in Japan.

He is leading 13 Japanese from Ryozanpaku Graduate School to learn more about Seattle and the Japanese and Japanese-American communities.  They have made a specific request to understand more about the JASSW mission and how we accomplish it through our programs and activities.  

To help them get a better understanding of some of the Japanese-American history and experience, we have also arranged a tour of the NVC Memorial Hall with NVC Commander Allen Nakamoto.  

The agenda timeline is below.  We would appreciate it if you could attend the “Meet and Greet” with JASSW members.    If you have not had a tour of the NVC Hall and the Memorial Wall, please join the group at 2:00 pm.  Otherwise, if you can spend 45 minutes starting at 2:45 pm with this group to share your thoughts about JASSW, your job experience or general things about living and working in Seattle, they would be grateful.  It also should be a great experience to meet Professor Aoyama and his group..  

Meet and Greet w/Ryozanpaku Graduate School members from Tokyo
Date:  Monday, December 30th  

Location:  NVC Memorial Hall, 1212 S. King Street, Seattle, WA  98144

2:00 pm  Nisei Veterans Committee (NVC) Memorial Hall Tour

2:45 pm  Meet & Greet with JASSW members

3:30 pm  End

Professor Aoyama has been involved the New York Japan-America Society, which can be interesting as well.

This is a very unique opportunity to expand JASSW foot print.   

Please let me know if you can join this Meet and Greet by December 20th.

Thank you very much for your interest.

 The Ryozanpaku study group members as follows:

1.      Yasuhi Aoyama, Professor of Meiji University, Former vice governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Doctor of Political Science

2.      Hiroyuki Doi, Member of Saitama City Council

3.      Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Manager of Mori Building Co., Ltd.

4.      Hideaki Yamazaki, Ex-member of Nishitokyo City Council,

5.      Yamazaki, Bank clerk

6.      Chie Tanii, Manager of Tourism Promotion Division, Arakawa City Office Tokyo

7.      Nobuko Tanii, Community health nurse

8.      Haruno Maruyama, Student

9.      Mitsuho Aida, Sumida City Officer

10.   Tamami Aida, OTR  Ph.D

11.   Sachiko Takahashi, Assistant Professor of Teikyo University

12.   Kyoko Kosegawa, Manager of procurement division, Meiji University

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